Trump on meeting Obama: 'Liked him a lot'


There was a time when Donald Trump had harsh words – and lots of them – for President Obama, but since their meeting on November 10, his opinion seems to have changed.

In a Tuesday interview with the New York Times, Trump is quoted by reporter Maggie Haberman as saying, "I had a great meeting with President Obama...I really liked him a lot."

See images of Obama's meeting with Trump:

President-elect further noted, "I think he's looking to do absolutely the right thing for the country in terms of transition."

Trump also revealed that Obama told him what he sees as the largest problems facing the nation, but declined to disclose specifics.


At a recent gathering of news executives and anchors, the president-elect said he has spoken with Obama more recently.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest confirmed that the two have had at least one post-meeting discussion.

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