Teen miraculously survives 3 gunshots to the head, now making a remarkable recovery

Victor Raga was in disbelief when he received the phone call that his teenage daughter had been shot in the head and was fighting for her life.

Raga's 18-year-old daughter, Evelyn Bunte, moved to Texas from Illinois over the summer in hopes of attending Texas Christian University after tirelessly working to save money.

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"She was working at Wal-mart, doing a really good job and keeping me updated. She just sent me a picture of herself before this happened in her Walmart uniform," Raga told InsideEdition.com.

Unbeknownst to Raga, however, he said Evelyn fell into the wrong crowd, leading to the horrible November 5 night that the teen nearly lost her life.

On that night, police said an unidentified person or people made their way into Evelyn's boyfriend's Fort Worth home as she slept.

There was reportedly a struggle and Evelyn was shot three times in the head and stabbed once in the neck.

"She fought back and that's when it escalated," Raga said. "They shot her. She just wouldn't die. She fought."

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Her father said Evelyn laid there for five hours before her ex-boyfriend's mother found her. She was rushed to the hospital for brain surgery.

Police do not believe the attack was random but are still investigating a motive.

But just a few weeks later, despite being left blind and partially paralyzed on her right side, Evelyn is making remarkable strides in her recovery.

"If that's not a miracle of survival... It's incredible," Raga said.

The teen can now stand on her own and is regaining her motor skills and speech.

"Her spirit is strong. I talk to her everyday about the outpouring of prayer and support that she's getting and it uplifts her," said Raga. "She just wants to come home. So we are going to bring her home to Illinois after she is well enough to take a trip."

Sadly, Raga had to go back to work two weeks after the attack.

Evelyn, who Raga has raised by himself since she was three, is in the hospital alone.

Raga said that her spirit remains the same in the aftermath of the tragedy anyway.

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"Overall she is so optimistic because that's who she is. That's how she was before," said Raga. "She was my wild child who wanted to go and see the world. She wanted to experience things against everything that I told her."

The whole ordeal has brought father and daughter closer than ever.

"It's a shame that it takes a tragedy for something good to happen but my daughter has told me that she wants to mend our relationship and become much much closer."

The family has started a GoFundMe to help with the expenses of Evelyn's recovery.

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