Donald Trump's Foundation admits to 'self-dealing' in IRS filing: Report

President-elect Donald Trump's charitable foundation reportedly has run afoul of the IRS, admitting in a 2015 filing posted online that it had transferred "income or assets to a disqualified person."

The Washington Post on Tuesday reported the finding, which was revealed in 2015 tax forms made public Monday via the nonprofit document hub GuideStar.

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On a form a GuideStar spokesman told the Post was uploaded by the Donald J. Trump Foundation's law firm, the foundation indicated it had violated "self-dealing" parameters, which could mean foundation assets inappropriately ended up with Trump, one of his business ventures or one of his family members.

Form questions asked if the foundation in 2015 and in years past engaged in self-dealing. The Trump Foundation checked "yes" to both. The Post could not immediately confirm whether the filings posted on GuideStar were also submitted to the IRS.

The media outlet and others throughout Trump's campaign reported instances that appeared to show Trump using foundation assets to cover legal fees and perhaps pursue his political goals.

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In one of the most widely covered stories, Trump reportedly purchased a painting of himself with foundation assets.

If confirmed by the IRS, the foundation could face extra tax payments, and those who inappropriately received funds could be forced to repay what they were transferred.

The apparent revelation also may further concerns that Trump may use his new executive status to benefit himself, his business empire and his family. In a recent meeting with British politician Nigel Farage, Trump reportedly urged those present to fight against the introduction of offshore wind farms that he thinks would end up "spoiling the views" at one of his golf courses in Scotland, according to a New York Times source present at the meeting.

Meanwhile, the office of the New York attorney general is investigating the Trump Foundation, which was ordered to stop soliciting donations in the state about two months ago.

News also broke in September that Trump had not donated to the foundation since 2008.