Hilarious website lets you mash up Twitter accounts

Twitter isn't always a great place to be.

If you've ever thought what your tweets would look like when mixed with any other Twitter users, this is your chance. Analytics expert Jonathan Adler created Tweet Mashup, which lets you put in two account handles to blend together a perfectly mashed-up tweet.

I started off by mixing my Twitter account with that of my boss. As you can see above, it came up with the wild idea of handling email like butter — something I don't recommend.

One of the popular options on the website is mixing Paris Hilton with President Obama, so I decided to go with it.


Adding a crying cat emoji and hashtag after something as dull as an announcement about the new Librarian of Congress definitely makes Obama seem a few years younger.

Mixing people is fun, but let's see what happens when you put two of the biggest US news channels together.


Interesting, to say the least. Definitely try the website for yourself, and post your best mashups in the comments.

Because of its recent popularity, the website might be down from time to time — if you're getting an error, try again later.