At least one dead in wake of UK's Storm Angus

Across Britain, they're starting the clean up and calculating the cost after the UK's first named storm of the winter passes.

But the tally of Storm Angus was made in more than just pounds and pence.

One woman died in rough seas off the southeast coast of Kent and local media report a man in South Wales went missing after the storm.

In Yorkshire, to the north, sirens sounded as flood alerts were issued across the region's river valley.

And near Manchester, residents were picking up the pieces, wondering about the holiday season ahead.

"Christmas presents and my grandson's birthday on the 8th December, and all his presents were down there," said local resident, Shelley Baughan.

%shareLinks-quote="It's your worst nightmare, especially if you've got kids. Because all you think about is the kids, you know, I just wanted to get them safe." type="quote" author="Andy Baughan" authordesc="local resident" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Angus had brought torrential rain and high winds, reaching up to 90 miles an hour along some coastal communities.

Showers and windy weather were lingering and some flood warnings remained in effect.