5-Year-Old Girl Invited To Teach A Class At State College


This 5-year-old girl wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and one Louisiana college is allowing her to achieve her dream a little early.

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Jourenii Johnson, 5, was invited to lead a class at the Grambling State University last week.

"I was going to teach them math, but some people were bad, and some were not," she explained, in an interview with affiliate KNOE.

Instead, she paced up and down the classroom, and taught college students the importance of proper uniform, and made sure hats were not being worn in the classroom. She also warned students to put their phones away, or she would take them.

There are lessons about how to treat each other, too.

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"Bullying," she added, "that's one thing we're taught we're not supposed to do."

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Jourennii was able to experience what life would be like as a college-level professor as a part of the "Amazingly Authentic Confidence" program, to help foster a sense of self-esteem into girls between 5 and 19 years old.

A representative explained those are the ages girls are the most vulnerable.

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