Toys 'R' Us pulls Tonka toy truck after it apparently caught fire

BY: Josh King, Buzz60

Toy's "R" Us says it has pulled a Tonka toy dump truck of the shelves after it burst into flames in the back of a vehicle.

A Washington State couple says they purchased the Tonka 12-Volt Mighty Wheels Dump Truck for their grandson from their local Toys R Us on Sunday.

But while transporting the toy home, it caught fire in the back of the family truck. After the flames were put out it caught fire again while they drove back to return the item, this time setting their own truck on fire.

The couple says the flames were so instense, even the fire extinguisher from the state troopers couldn't douse them so the fire department had to be called in to put the fire out.

The toy no longer appears on the company's website and Nicole Hayes, a Toys "R" Us spokeswoman, said the fire appears to be an isolated incident and a full recall has not been decided yet. She says:

"We made a proactive decision to pull the item out of an abundance of caution and an investigation into the incident is currently taking place."

The decision to pull the toy comes just before Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season.

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