Families divided at US-Mexican border share hugs

It was an emotional day along the Tijuana-San Diego border on Saturday, November 20th as families separated by the border lined up for a chance to hug their relatives.

Every Sunday, families in Tijuana come to this park, known as "The Park of Friendship," on the beach to see and touch their loved ones though a thick steel wall.

It is the only place along the entire border where these meetings are allowed.

Many of those who come here and are living in the U.S. side without documents. If they visit Mexico, their status would make it difficult for them to return to their homes in the United States.

But on Saturday, the Border Angels group coordinated with the U.S. border patrol to open the door and allow families to hug and talk.

This is the second time the event was held this year but this time, it is in direct response to the election victory of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump, who takes office in January, campaigned on deporting undocumented migrants and building a wall between the two nations.

The Border Angels said they would continue to advocate for undocumented migrants and hope to organize more events like this in the coming year.