Donald Trump voodoo doll sales are surging

There's no question the 2016 election caused quite a stir.

All of this is very stressful and for people who are upset over the Donald Trump win some of them are turning to voodoo dolls.

A small business in the Pacific Northwest started making political voodoo dolls with the intention of taking advantage of the ferociousness of the past two years.

They're sold as a joke or as "political comedic relief" the owner says and nothing more sinister and for ten dollars.

Now since the election ended, the owner of Sally Noedel is saying that her business is through the roof, starting the morning after the votes came in.

Noedel says on one peak day she made 100 voodoo dolls.

She did tell Heat Street that she also makes Hillary Clinton dolls but they never sold with any sort of numbers that the Trump dolls did. Clinton did technically get more actual popular votes so that could mean less vodoo doll purchase.

Noedel calls the dolls, which are made in the U.S., "the bipartisan solution to political gift giving" and a fun holiday gift.

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