Bernie Sanders says he is not ready to become a Democrat


Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders revealed on Sunday that he has no plans to change parties and become a Democrat, even after accepting a leadership position in the party.

During a an interview promoting his new book "Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In," the senator from Vermont made it clear he will remain an Independent for the remainder of his term. "I was elected as an Independent and I will finish this term as an Independent," Sanders said.

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Sanders was recently appointed as the Congressional Democrats' chairman of outreach, and will serve for at least a year in that capacity as an Independent.

In his new book "Our Revolution," Sanders recounts his life story, his path to the Senate, and his historic 2016 presidential run. His book is also prescriptive; providing an outline for how he believes the country should move forward.

In an interview with NPR, Sanders called for the Democratic party to undergo a "fundamental reassessment."

"I think what that reassessment has got to entail is to understand that we cannot have a party that will win, if we continue to become dependent on big money interests and campaign fundraisers all over this country," Sanders continued.

In the weeks following 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's devastating loss, many have opined that perhaps the Brooklyn born, self professed "Democratic socialist," may have had a better shot taking on Donald Trump in the general election.

Sanders himself is not ready to dismiss this notion.

"Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In" was released on November 15.

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