TV news reporter claims her pro-Trump Facebook post got her fired

A 25-year-old reporter is claiming she was fired from her TV news job in Houston for sharing her happiness over the election outcome and for criticizing the Obama administration on social media, notes the Houston Chronicle.

On Thursday, Scarlett Fakhar issued a message on her public Facebook page thanking her supporters and stating, in part, "Fox 26 Houston fired me today for expressing my conservative views on my private Facebook page. That is all I will say for now."

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And in response to a critical news report about her, she later posted screenshots of the private post that allegedly led to her dismissal.

In it, she starts off by describing her post-election feelings as "happy and relieved."

She eventually says that the U.S. "...has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration than ever..."

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Fakhar had previously written on Facebook—but has since deleted—a statement where she acknowledged it was inappropriate for a journalist to publicize personal views "...on the outcome of the election and other issues."