John McCain to Trump: 'We will not waterboard'


By: Lindsey Granger/Buzz60

Republican Senator John McCain may be on the same side of the aisle as President-elect Donald Trump, but when it comes to Trump's position on torture -- he has a few words of warning.

According to the Associated Press, McCain told a crowd during a panel discussion at the annual Halifax International Security Forum on Saturday, "We will not waterboard," regardless of what "the president of the United States wants to do or anybody else wants to do."

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He added, "We will not torture people ... It doesn't work."

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On the campaign trail Trump told supporters he wants to change laws barring waterboarding, a technique used against suspected terrorists during the Bush administration.

McCain was tortured while being held captive during the Vietnam War. He reminded the audience that torture is illegal not just under U.S. law, but under the Geneva Conventions as well.

Trump has been a focus of many of the discussions at the Security Forum which is attended by top defense and security officials from across the world.

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