4-year-old shocks medical student wiith his biology knowledge in conversation captured on video


A 4-year-old boy shocked a medical student with a science lesson in the middle of a grocery store.

Parnia Salehi, 24, ran into the young boy and his father while shopping at a Trader Joe's in Atlanta Tuesday and they started talking about her school, Morehouse Medical School.

But, she wasn't expecting little Anson Wong to jump right into the conversation with his own wealth of medical knowledge.

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"Anson was sitting in the cart and asked, 'Oh, what kind of doctor do you want to be?'" the medical school student told WSB-TV. "So obviously my first reaction was, 'Oh, this little kid knows the different types of doctors."

What she didn't know was that he knew a lot more than that.

When she told him she was studying the brain, he responded, "Oh, so you like the nervous system. I like the immune system," Salehi told the station that he said.

Salehi was shocked when Anson started explaining the nervous system in detail and she quickly took out her camera.

In the video, the young boy talks all about organ function, antibodies, and bacteria, among other things.

"What's the function of the lungs?" Salehi asks in the video.

"The function of the lungs is to help take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. That's what humans do every day," Anson responds.

Later on in the video, Salehi asks Anson if the immune system is still his favorite.

"Yes," Anson responds, "Always, forever."

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Salehi was clearly surprised by the whole interaction.

"It was at least graduate level physiology," said Salehi. "Such a random thing for a little kid to be passionate about! The immune system."

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