Woman finds surprising note on her 'Hillary for President' sign


Nadia Awad Grochowski can't bring herself to take her '"Hillary for President" signs out of her yard.

"I felt like I needed to keep it in people's faces," she told AOL.com. "Taking them down would be like backing down."

Grochowski, who lives in Los Angeles, told AOL.com that she had trouble processing the news that Donald Trump had been elected president.

"I made it through the crying phase, and now I'm in the phase where I want to do something about it" she said. "

"I wanted to show my resistance."

Tuesday, she noticed someone left a note on one of her signs, according to a post in the secret "Paintsuit Nation" Facebook group for Clinton supporters:

"I stormed over, expecting to see something mean and ugly," she said in her post.

Grochowski told AOL.com that she thought the note would say "you loser, take this sign down," or something worse.

She said that even though there were not a lot of pro-Trump signs in her neighborhood, there weren't a lot of pro-Clinton signs either. She had to assume the worst.

What the hand-written message said brought her to tears -- but in a good way.

A little yellow sticky note placed in the corner of the sign reads, "I'm not giving up, and neither should you. Keep strong, keep fighting."

The note is a nod to Clinton's first speech after her loss to Donald Trump, in which she encouraged her supporters to stay engaged in politics even though she will not be president.

"I'm so glad someone saw the value and felt the pain," Grochowski told AOL.com.

Thousands of likes and comments have flooded the post, though the post itself has not gone viral because it was posted in a secret Facebook group with privacy settings that don't allow sharing.

Grochowski expressed her gratitude for the "Pantsuit Nation" Facebook group.

"It's so uplifting and inspiring," she said. "There's a variety of supporters there you would never expect."

By Kelsey Weekman, AOL.com

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