Photo of House Republicans has people outraged

House Republicans seem to have a lot in common.

A photo shared to the official House of Representatives GOP Twitter sparked controversy when social media users noticed something distinct about the picture.

It appears that nearly every person who posed for the photo is white.

Current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is no stranger to this type of controversy, as he shared a similar photo in July of himself standing with a pool of Capitol Hill interns.

Every single person in that photo appears to be white.

See what people are saying on social media:

According to Pew Research Center, both photos are representative of Capitol Hill's diversity problem.

Though the 114th Congress was the most diverse ever, only 20 percent of the House is non-white, according to CQ Roll Call.

The 2016 election will bring at least 11 more non-white people into the House according to The Hill, and Republicans will maintain control of the House for the 115th Congress.

Ryan was unanimously re-elected to be speaker of the house.

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