Painting of Obama stomping on the Constitution may hang in the White House


A controversial painting of outgoing President Obama may soon hang in Donald Trump's White House.

Utah artist Jon McNaughton released a work entitled The Forgotten Man in 2010, which displays a downtrodden man on a bench surrounded by all the past presidents. President Obama, next to the man, is standing with his arm-crossed, stepping on the Constitution.

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Some presidents, such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, look on at Obama in disbelief.

The day after Election Day, McNaughton announced on Twitter that Fox News host Sean Hannity purchased the painting:

Not only that, but he announced Hannity will give the painting to President-elect Donald Trump.

Hannity then responded, voicing his praise for the painting.

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McNaughton has already stirred flak online. He later tweeted saying "liberal nuts" are angry with him, which he positively accepted:

Whether Hannity will actually gift the painting to Trump -- and whether Trump will hang it in the White House -- is yet uncertain.

Credit: Twitter