How the 'supermoon' got its name -- along with 27 other weird names we have for full moons

The full moon was more super than it's been since 1948 on November 13, making Earth's satellite appear so big in the sky it almost looked fake.

People took incredible pictures from all over the world of the so-called supermoon. This one was a super duper supermoon, if you will, since the moon was on the closest point in its orbit of Earth at the same time it was full.

The term "supermoon" is relatively new, but Native Americans have had special names for full moons for centuries. While there are 562 federally recognized Indian tribes and communities across the US, many marked their calendars by the full moons, giving each one its own name and corresponding action.

Here are a roundup of 28 names we found for full moons, starting with the one that was the largest on November 13: the supermoon.

28 weird names we have for different full moons
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28 weird names we have for different full moons


According to a statement from NASA, the next time super moon will be this close will be on 25 November 2034. (Photo by Soner Kilinc/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

November: Beaver Moon, Frost Moon

(Photo by Rainer Erl/McPhoto/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

December: Cold Moon, Long Night's Moon

(Photo via REUTERS/Ognen Teofilvovski)

January: Wolf Moon, Old Moon

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

February: Snow Moon, Hunger Moon

(Photo credit ARMIN WEIGEL/AFP/Getty Images)

March: Worm Moon, Sap Moon, Crow Moon

Photo Credit: Getty 

April: Pink Moon, Grass Moon, Fish Moon

Photo Credit: Karihak/flickr

May: Flower Moon, Planting Moon

Photo Credit: Marcus Ward/Flickr 

June: Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon

(Photo by John McDonnell / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

July: Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Hay Moon

Photo Credit: Miwok/Flickr

August: Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon

(Photo by Pradita Utana/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

September: Harvest Moon, Corn Moon

REUTERS/Mike Blake 

October: Hunter's Moon

(Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Bonus: A 'blue moon' happens when the moon rises in its full stage twice during the same month.

REUTERS/Darren Staples 


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