Daylight saving time causes second-born twin to be older

The recent birth of a set of twins sounds almost like a riddle—somehow, the one that was born later is actually considered older than his sibling.

This is the situation parents Emily and Seth Peterson of Massachusetts found themselves in a few days ago because of daylight saving time, reports UPI.

As a news release by Cape Cod Healthcare reveals, baby Samuel was born first at 1:39 am; his brother Ronan emerged 31 minutes later at what would typically be 2:10 am, but because of the time change, his official arrival has been recorded as 1:10 am.

The father is quoted as saying, "I said earlier that night that (the boys) were either going to be born on two different days or the time change would come into play."

Meanwhile, the mother has said about seeing her hospital room clock going backwards, "I thought my brain was playing tricks on me!"

While such births are rare—it was the first such experience for a 40-year veteran nurse there—a similar case was documented in North Carolina in 2007.
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