Scientists find 'world's saddest dinosaur' fossil

Dinosaur remains that were discovered in China have been described as one of the "saddest fossils."

As Seeker reports, the creature, called Mud Dragon, was found with its neck and wings extended as if it had died trying to emerge from mud it had somehow gotten stuck in.

Lu Junchang, one of the researchers is quoted as saying, "We don't know how long the struggle lasted, but we believe the creature never gave up."

It was uncovered at a construction site in southern China.

The nearly intact skeleton, dated 66-72 million years ago, has since been given a new species name, called Tongtianlong, which translates to "muddy dragon on the road to heaven."

As a news release by the University of Edinburgh states, "The two-legged animal belongs to a family of feathered dinosaurs called oviraptorosaurs, characterised by having short, toothless heads and sharp beaks."

According to the release, the animal was likely part of a group of flightless creatures which was able to diversify before most dinosaurs were killed off 66 million years ago.
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