11 bizarre animals you've never seen before

The internet is totally obsessed with BBC's Planet Earth II, and it's no wonder -- animals are fascinating!

The Strange Animals Twitter account has been rounding up some of the best odd critters from around the globe and sharing photos since June 2013.

One of the standouts from the account is the stinging rose caterpillar, or parasa indetermina.

The majestic beast can be found in the United States between New York and Florida.

It tricks predators into thinking it has a huge mouth using its wild coloration.

See more weird-looking creatures:

Strange animals
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Strange animals
The acraga coa moth starts off life as a jewel caterpillar. https://t.co/BkTLbt5iuq
The slender mongoose is a gorgeous species native to sub-Saharan Africa. https://t.co/PsHEamTAeY
This caterpillar has lots of growths that it waves around which mimics ants talking to each other (Photo:MelvynYeo) https://t.co/eJXViVQmgK
A very colourful beetle! (Photo: flickr/j_aubz) https://t.co/wa02tcAWNZ
The adorable spotted cuscus from Australia & New Guinea. It's very shy but can be aggressive to predators; biting,… https://t.co/futusAC7MJ
The Madagascan bullseye silkmoth caterpillar (Antherina suraka). (Photo: Dean Morley) https://t.co/8gjIuBJtE1
The stunning golden fruit dove. (Photo: Rainer Monke) https://t.co/mCBhQ9UsLk
An awesome shield bug! (Photo: Sulhan Photography) https://t.co/ZAA0STCRye
Felimare fontandraui nudibranch. (Photo: Henrique Nascimento) https://t.co/sVzuxXk45S
The pygmy seahorse has extraordinary mimicry! (Photos: Steve Childs) https://t.co/WeZm7E74kV
The stinging rose caterpillar looks like it has a huge mouth but this is an illusion to confuse & scare predators. https://t.co/HOwlacl8Du

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