Police find Amazon reviews left by alleged killer

Police in South Carolina have been investigating the life of Todd Kohlhepp -- and in the middle of that search, they found disturbing details about his life.

Kohlhepp is accused of kidnapping Kala Brown and killing her boyfriend, and he may be linked to the deaths of up to seven people.

While looking into his activity on the internet, officials found chilling reviews on what they believe to be Kohlhepp's Amazon account.

A four star review for a knife reads, "havne't [sic] stabbed anyone yet... yet... but I am keeping the dream alive and when I do, it will be with a quality tool like this..."

He also appears to have left reviews for tactical gear, padlocks, targets and a shovel.

A review left for a shovel states the item is "good for hiding bodies."

The user gave another review to high security locks, saying, "place is hotel california [sic] now."

Despite many glowing reviews for weapons, a product the user did not enjoy was the book "A Sniper's Guide to Hitting Your Target."

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