Gary Johnson's campaign tries to plan a flash mob

Though his numbers have slipped to just 5 percent in the final days before the election, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson refuses to give up hope.

His campaign wanted to plan a flash mob for him.

According to a screenshot of a text taken by Daily Dot writer Amrita Khalid, campaign officials sent SMS messages to people their list directing them to

The link redirects to a Google map, which indicates locations, times and more information about flash mobs organized for Gary Johnson.

Some of the locations lacked information, but a Facebook event fills in some of the blanks for people interested in participating in one of the flash mobs.

Here's a screenshot of one of the events on Facebook:

It appears only a handful of people attended this flash mob in Georgia.

Source: Facebook

There has been no word so far on whether or not the group will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show like so many of their fellow flash-mobbers.

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