Bloody penguin battle caught on video goes viral

If you thought it was a tense week for politics, just wait until you see what's happening in the penguin community.

National Geographic posted a graphic new video to Twitter that shows a male penguin returning to his mate -- only to find she's been cuddling up with a new guy.

A vicious, bloody battle breaks out -- and it's unlike anything else you've ever seen in typical penguin-based footage.

Tragically, and unlike many of the animal love stories Hollywood brings us, the female penguin walks away with her man-on-the-side.

You can watch the heartbreaking battle below, but be warned -- it's extremely graphic:

The internet reacted dramatically to the battle, as you would expect.

See how people are responding on social media:

Bloody penguin battle caught on video goes viral
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Bloody penguin battle caught on video goes viral
in the end of the day the dude penguin is gonna find someone who appreciates him for who he is and mrs. penguin is gonna realise her mistake
You vs the penguin she told you not to worry about
this penguin thing has me like
"he makes one last plea to his wife.....but she's got no time for losers"
I'm honestly team female penguin. don't slander my girl.
I know the world is shook about the cheating wife penguin, but here's happier news #LoveWins 💖
This penguin family crisis is more dramatic than "Keeping up with Kardashians". I need a day to bing-read all of their tweets. @wifepenguin
I relate to the penguin vid on a deep spiritual level because I've also been cheated on by a penguin.
"this is your final warning, you know i give you life. if you try this shit again, you gon' lose your penguin wife"
That 1 penguin neighbour that always sees everything

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