Outraged mom urges son to vote in hilarious video

Many are stressing how important it is to vote in the presidential election on November 8 -- but this mom took it a step beyond.

Twitter user @xxxjayglo, named only as Kenny, told his mother that he doesn't plan on voting for major party candidates Trump or Clinton -- but for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. She wasn't happy about it, and Kenny decided to film her reaction:

Kenny asked his mother what would happen if she did not vote for Hillary Clinton. "There's going to be a little problem in this house," she said. "I'll seize your phone, I'll seize the car." Kenny laughed over her threats.

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Social Reactions to son tells his mom he's not voting for Hillary Clinton
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Social Reactions to son tells his mom he's not voting for Hillary Clinton
@Zomzilove @xxxjayglo @ChiomaMelan I'd love to see what she does 2 him when she sees he posted a video w/her that's blowing up on Twitter! 😁
@Jasmine_Modz @xxxjayglo Listen to your Mom, young man! If Mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. #imwithher2016
@vedantam_sa he asks whether he can "not vote". She says its not an option. I love the way she explains "civic duty". @xxxjayglo
@xxxjayglo Mom knows best
@xxxjayglo This is glorious! Omg, I love your mom! Just be careful, this is technically voter intimidation and illegal 😕.
@xxxjayglo @ajepintos mom of the year
@xxxjayglo she's hit the nail on the head there
@xxxjayglo This shouldn't be funny, she's 100% correct. Vote for the logical choice, not Trump & definitely not 3rd parties.

His mother then reminded him that Gary Johnson did not know about Aleppo, where war is raging. Then, he suggests not voting at all -- and then she really goes off.

"You have to carry out the civic duties of being an American," she said. "Don't act like you're a moron."

To prove that he voted, his mother told him to take a photo of him in the voting booth. Depending on what state they live in, however, this would be illegal.

Kenny's mother's speech quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and retweets. Many applauded her passion:

Others, however, accused her of voter intimidation; Kenny addressed this, and assured that his mother was not intimidating him:

Whomever one is voting for, Kenny's message to perform your civic duty and vote rings true. Kenny relayed what his mother said:

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