Disgusting reason why the world's tallest church is eroding

A renowned, centuries-old structure in Ulm, Germany is deteriorating due to an unlikely reason—bodily fluids, reports the Washington Post.

According to CNN, the building is the Ulm Minster which, at a height of approximately 531 feet, holds the record as the world's tallest church.

People are said to have long chosen the location to relieve their bladders.

The BBC reports that, according to a local news source, the church's "...stone base is being eroded by the salts and acids in the urine."

Adding to the concern is that if the behavior continues, there could be damage to the church's recent and costly renovations.

Michael Hilbert, in charge of the building's maintenance, is quoted as saying, "I've been keeping an eye on it for half a year now and, once again, it's coated with urine and vomit."

Hilbert claims that he does not want to become what he calls the 'pee police' but says, "This is about preserving law and order."

As such, the area has had an increased police presence, and the city has doubled public urination fines to around $110.

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