Joe Biden becomes visibly uncomfortable at the mention of Anthony Weiner's name

Joe Biden became visibly uncomfortable in a portion of a taped CNN interview published Friday.

Speaking to CNN's Michael Smerconish, the vice president had been commenting on the latest wrinkle in Hillary Clinton's long-playing email headache. FBI director James Comey lit a match on the election earlier Friday when he announced the agency was revisiting its inquiry into Clinton's State Department emails.

Speaking to Biden, Smerconish questioned whether Clinton should have released emails pertinent to the investigation sooner — to which Biden said he did not know where the emails came from.

"Apparently, Anthony Weiner," Smerconish said.

Here's how Biden reacted:

"Well, oh, God. Anthony Weiner, I should not comment on Anthony Weiner, I'm not a big fan, and I wasn't before he got in trouble. So, I shouldn't comment on Anthony Weiner."

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