Man with massive tongue tumor in desperate need of life-changing operation

Krzysztof Wegrzyn is an 18 years old who lives with his parents in Grojec, Poland.

The young man was born with a rare benign tumor on his tongue called a hemangioma, which is endangering his life.

Doctors tried to operate on Wegrzyn twice when he was younger, but the procedures were called off because of severe blood loss, according to Central European News (CEN).

According to a GoFundMe page started on Wegrzyn's behalf by a man named Pawel Kowalski, the tumor has grown so massive that it is difficult for Wegrzyn to swallow and even breathe.

"Even though his rare condition Krzysztof still has lots of energy and ambitions to become a well known chef," Kowalski wrote. "His disability has never stopped him from being a normal boy who is playing (sic) sports and having a lot of friends."

Unfortunately, in Poland there are currently no doctors that can operate on his condition.

Medics at the Zentrum Klinik fur Vasculare Maltformationen in Eberswalde, Brandenburg, have said that they would be able to operate -- however, the cost of the procedure combined with travel expenses is astronomical.

"The only chance for his survival and happy life is to go to Germany where a well known Dr Milton Waner has agreed to take on the treatment of Krzysztof," wrote Kowalski. "It will be a long and expensive process. The doctors are expecting 6-7 surgeries and roughtly (sic) $100,000 which a found raiser in Poland already collected roughtly (sic) $30,000."

Until his family can raise the money, Wegrzyn risks choking on a daily basis due to his tongue's size.

"He is ready to take on another challange (sic) in his life just like he has been doing all of his life. He needs all off our prayers and financial support big or small," wrote Kowalski. "Anything will help, we can do great things in numbers so please help this wonderfull (sic) boy live a long and wonderful life."

Currently, the page has raised $8,982 of its $70k goal.

You can donate to help fund his surgery here.

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