Parrot exposes cheating husband in bizarre way

By Keri Lumm, Buzz60

If you are doing something that you know is wrong, it's probably best not to let a blabbermouth know about it and that includes your pet parrot.

You would think people would remember this, since most of the fun of having a pet parrot is that they repeat everything you say.

A woman in Kuwait suspected her husband was having an affair and became positive he was a cheater when she heard their pet parrot parroting flirty conversations she had never had with her husband.

She immediately assumed he was having an affair with the housekeeper and took the parrot to court as evidence.

While this turn of events would be upsetting for anyone to endure, in Kuwait cheating is an illegal offense. If you are convicted as an adulterer in a court of law you wouldn't just get a divorce, but could be sent to prison.

Fortunately for this husband, the judge ruled that there was no way to prove the parrot wasn't simply repeating conversations it had overheard on TV.

One thing is still a question, when the couple separates who will get custody of the chatterbox?

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