Disease leaves child at risk of eating herself to death

A British mother opened up about the extremes she must go to to keep her young daughter from eating until her stomach ruptures.

The 5 year old, Molly Bywater, suffers from a rare genetic disorder that leads to obsessive eating, learning difficulties and growth abnormalities, according to the National Institute of Health. It's called Prader-Willi Syndrome.

The disease is rare -- it affects one in every 15,000 kids born in the United Kington.

Molly's mom, 29-year-old Jo Bywater, told The Sun that her family lives "on lockdown."

They have plastic locks attached to all their kitchen cupboards, and all food is positioned out of her daughter's reach.

Jo had to use heavy gates to block of her kitchen to her daughter earlier this year after Molly figured out how to get through five other kinds of gates.

The 'mini Houdini' can't be left alone, or she will figure out how to get her hands on food.

"At school, if she finds a loaf of bread, she'll eat slices and slices, so now she can't be left alone and has full time supervision to ensure that doesn't happen," Jo told The Sun.

She said she fears for her child's future, and said that when Molly gets older, they might have to install alarms in the kitchen.

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