Authorities: Man killed father-in-law to lure wife, then murdered her too

In an attempt to evade conviction for sexually abusing a minor, an El Paso man allegedly launched an elaborate murder-for-hire scheme to prevent his wife from testifying against him.

On October 17, a jury found Samuel Velasco guilty on multiple counts related to the plot, reports KDBC.

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He now faces life in prison.

In 2005, Velasco was scheduled to appear in court over accusations that he molested his stepdaughter, who was then 4 years old, notes the Washington Post.

As the she was too young to testify, Ruth Sagredo, the girl's mother and Velasco's wife at the time, was the sole witness.

Velasco first evaded trial via years of continuances, but when those were exhausted he hatched a scheme to have Sagredo murdered in Mexico.

According to prosecutors and a witness, Velasco lured her to the country by killing both her father and her sister, who lived in Juarez.

The plan worked, and in late November of 2008 Sagredo traveled to the Mexican city to attend her sister's funeral. She was killed shortly after arriving.

Velasco's sentencing is scheduled for January.

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