How Trump's 'nasty woman' comment is benefiting Planned Parenthood

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo (Buzz60)

After Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" in the third debate, some savvy businesspeople are turning lemons into lemonade, starting a (figurative) lemonade stand, and making some cash.

The internet pounced on the comments made by the Republican candidate, with social media users claiming the hashtag #NastyWoman — along with "bad hombres," stemming from another Trump comment — as their own.

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Several US retailers saw an opportunity to make money off Trump and stand by women.

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Raygun launched a t-shirt reading "America needs nasty women," complete with an "hombre" wearing it in support.

Google Ghost designed a $25 t-shirt, and 50 percent of all proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, the healthcare provider Trump wants to defund.

Designers on Etsy also came up with a play on Trump's campaign slogan, selling a baseball hat with "Make America Nasty Again" written across the front.

One seller who designed a "nasty" t-shirt says they are selling like hot cakes, despite the fact that she normally doesn't make meme-style shirts.