Rocket launch expected to be seen along entire East Coast

Though a bad cable delayed the launch of a rocket from Virginia on Sunday, NASA is eager to make a comeback.

According to AP, Orbital ATK was ready to fly its Antares rocket loaded with supplies for the International Space Station after being stuck on the ground for two years.

Just seven hours before planned liftoff, NASA announced a delay -- the cable, which is part of ground support, malfunctioned.

It will be replaced before the scheduled launch on Monday.

This will be the first launch of the unmanned rocket since one exploded after liftoff in October 2014, according to AP.

Orbital ATK replaced the Russian-build engines among other changes, and the launchpad had to be rebuilt.

NASA is paying Orbital ATK and SpaceX to deliver cargo to the International Space Station. SpaceX is currently grounded due to an explosion on the launch pad last month.

If the ship successfully launches Monday, it will likely orbit for a few days before reaching the space station because a crew launch from Kazakhstan takes precedence, according to AP.

Liftoff should happen at 7:40 p.m. Monday if all goes as planned.

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