Man performs magic trick that captivates orangutan

Rajang, a curious orangutan, looked on captivated as magician Matt G performed the card trick at Colchester Zoo.

The orangutan watched as the magician shuffles a deck of cards then choose one to place it on the window of his enclosure.

The performer then 'transported' the chosen card from one side of the glass to the other, in Rajang's enclosure.

Rajang then examined the card before trying to send it back through the glass by tapping it, to imitate Matt G's trick.

"A touch of magic can fuel anyone's curiosity. Here's a clip of me performing a little magic for Raj the Orangutan at the amazing Colchester Zoo in Essex," Matt G wrote in a Facebook post.

This isn't the first time the orangutan has tried to imitate humans. "Rajang loves to be involved and imitates us when we are cleaning his enclosure," a zoo keeper explained on Rajang's 45th birthday. "We often give him a cloth and bucket of soapy water so he can clean his windows whilst we clean the rest of the area!

"One time, Rajang was caught watching our gardeners planting some flowers, so we gave him some plant pots and peat, as well as some leafy twigs and thin branches, and watched to see what he would do. Rajang put the peat in the plant pots, and then cleverly planted the twigs!"

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