Ikea removes 'inappropriate' photo of little boy

Ikea removed a photo of a boy from a store in Wales after a customer noticed that the child's pose looked a bit like Adolf Hitler.

The photo, which is printed in black and white and used in a showroom, shows a boy holding his finger in front of his top lip as if he has a mustache.

Shopper Stevie Davies-Evans was the first to notice the resemblance.

He furiously tweeted to Ikea about it.

A while later, the Ikea Cardiff shop withdrew the picture and apologized.

"We can confirm that a photograph that could cause offence to some of our customers was found in our store," store manager Richard Owen said in a statement to Mashable.

"We often use photography to illustrate life at home in our room sets and as soon as we were made aware, the image was immediately removed."

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