Sen. John McCain: I can't vote for Trump or Clinton

Sen. John McCain said he might write in his "old, good friend" Sen. Lindsey Graham for president when he casts his ballot next month, because he can't bring himself to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

McCain was asked about his shifting position on Trump's candidacy as he sparred with his Democratic challenger for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat during their first debate Monday night.

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Kirkpatrick also accused McCain of saying that he supported Trump having access to nuclear weapons — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has raised doubts about Trump's mental fitness to be responsible with the nation's nuclear codes.

"I do not see a scenario where the finger would be on the button," McCain said.

Finally pushed on who he will vote for, McCain said he might write in Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

"He's an old, good friend of mine, and a lot of people like him," McCain said. "The fact is, seriously, I cannot vote for either one [Clinton or Trump]."

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