Rescued kitten with broken jaw is unrecognizable one year later

By: Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

A year ago, a cat was found on the side of the road in very poor condition.

He was tiny, weak, and covered in dirt. To add to all of that, his jaw was broken in two places, leaving the kitty unable to eat.

When he was rescued and brought to a veterinarian, the doctor said he wouldn't make it. That didn't deter his rescuer, who held out hope.

Fortunately, hope pulled through, and this cat has made an incredible transformation.

Soft food was a key factor in nursing him back to health.

Due to his big, expressive eyes, his owner named him 'Smeagol.' Yes, that is a direct 'Lord of the Rings' reference.

Now, Smeagol lives a happy life. He gets along with everybody, playing with cats and dogs regularly.

Plus, despite all the feeding, he still hasn't lost his appetite!

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