As Hurricane Matthew intensifies, so do the jokes about it

Hurricane Matthew is a very serious matter. The storm has claimed more than 100 lives and continues to intensify has it heads north to the US.

That hasn't stopped people from making light of a scary thing, though.

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The jokes started when someone pointed out the satellite image of the hurricane looked like a sinister face:

With a common name like Matthew, people have made jokes about that as well:

And as people begin to evacuate or buckle down, the rush to the grocery store has led to some funny tweets:

Jokes aside, Matthew is a deadly storm that needs to be taken seriously, whether or not you think it's a left-wing conspiracy like Rush Limbaugh does.

But once you've prepared yourself adequately, check out some of the funniest tweets about the storm:

Jokes about Hurricane Matthew
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Jokes about Hurricane Matthew
My dog dabbin on #HurricaneMatthew I'm weaakkkkk 😂😂😂😂😂
Hurricane Matthew is gonna be pissed when he finally gets to Orlando only to find out the parks closed just before he got there
South Florida wants to survive #HurricaneMatthew. But we'd rather die than eat clam chowder.
Waterrrrrr #HurricaneMatthew
When you don't know whether to be happy that school is closed or sad that Florida may be destroyed
Sorry y'all. #Florida is closed. #HurricaneMatthew
Oh shit. WE GON DIE #HurricaneMatthew #HarambeIsBack
No we did not work coordinate this with the @pbpost #newspapers #frontpagestoday

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