People claim to see spirit leaving woman's body after fatal accident

Warning: This post contains graphic descriptions

After a horrific crash in Lopburi, Thailand, people are claiming to have seen something supernatural.

According to Daily Mail, video captured by CCTV shows a spirit leaving the body of the passenger who was killed in the accident.

Daily Mail also reports a girl named Manee died while a man named Banjongrat sustained serious injuries.

A truck struck a person on a bike, which killed the rider instantly. The passenger was reportedly thrown off when the bike later crashed into a power pole.

Immediately after the tragic accident claimed the person's life, a dark, human-like silhouette appeared above the body.

Warning: The image below is graphic.

Sutannaraj Suwannatada posted the video on YouTube.

You can see footage of the accident here -- but be warned, it contains more graphic images.

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Reactions to video of spirit leaving woman's body
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Reactions to video of spirit leaving woman's body
@MailOnline Pfft not in any way fake this. Shame on the DM for clickbaiting a serious traffic accident!
@MailOnline That is shocking!
@MailOnline screen shot of the original... you dont see the ghost image... its fake as hell
@MailOnline Even the policeman puts his arm around her standing up next to the accident scene ! 👾
@MailOnline That doesn't look easily edited in whatsoever.
@MailOnline Strange. You'd think there would be billions upon billions of souls wandering around
@MailOnline Not sure it's OK to show such a graphic vid just because it is in Thailand and has a shadow on the vid

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