Sweden urges NASA to send some condoms into space

Today in news you can't believe you read, The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education has released a PSA asking NASA to rocket some condoms to space.


Officials from the organization say they want people to be prepared in case aliens come to earth and find "some hot earthlings," which doesn't even make us feel uncomfortable in the slightest.

Jokes aside, here's whats actually going on with the bizarre PSA -- the Swedish sex education organization is merely trying to make the point that safe sex is so important they want every single being on this planet to be equipped with condoms -- even extra terrestrials.

The Swedes say the "little latex thingy" was just about the most important invention ever since it has saved so many lives and prevented countless STD transmissions.

The video, published on World Contraception Day, is merely intended to promote safe sex here on earth.

Sorry, Kanye.

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