Daughter's gift to mother she found at Goodwill contains mystery of a lifetime

LAKEWOOD (KCPQ) — It was a thoughtful gift from her daughter. But mother Tanya quickly discovered the gift likely means so much more to someone else.

"I thought it was a nice little piece unique," Tia Williams, the daughter, told Q13 News. "I thought it was a charm or a bracelet or something."

Tia says she bought the charm while working at the Tacoma Goodwill.

"It happens all the time, people just accidentally donate something that shouldn`t have been donated," says Tia.

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Daughter’s Gift to Mother She Found at Goodwill Contains Mystery of a Lifetime
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Daughter’s Gift to Mother She Found at Goodwill Contains Mystery of a Lifetime

But when Tia's mother Tanya received the gift, she knew the piece was meant to be opened. Tanya opened the charm using an Allen wrench.

"It's a wearable urn," Tanya said. "It was like a powdery, ash residue. White flakes, little tiny little fragments, I have my Mom's ashes in my house so I know what ashes look like,."

She knows it`s a long shot, but now she's determined to find the rightful owner.

"This is someone`s body, this is their memory," says Tanya.

Until she finds the owner, this keepsake stays with Tanya for safe keeping.

"I`m going to put it inside the urn with my mom`s ashes and they can twiddle off to heaven together," Tanya says. "She can cook him something good. She`s feeding him good and fattening him up."

If you have any information about the wearable urn, or believe you know the owner, contact us at Tips@Q13FOX.com

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