9-year-old college student wants to become an astrophysicist

William Maillis is like any other nine year old boy -- he likes video games, knock-knock jokes and hanging out with his friends.

But, as PEOPLE reports, he is also one of the youngest people to ever attend college.

The child from Penn Township, Pennsylvania graduated from high school in May, and he has been working on his own theories of how the universe was created -- while other kids his age are in fourth grade.

He's enrolled in a full schedule of classes at Community College of Allegheny County to ease himself into college life. Next fall, he plans to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, according to his father, Peter Maillis, a priest.

"It doesn't bother me" being the youngest student in class by far, William tells PEOPLE. "I'm used to it by now."

He plans to study the physics and chemistry of space, then go on to earn a doctorate degree.

William was comfortable discussing "displacement of space-time" "singularity" and "pure gravity," and easily explained why black holes aren't "super massive" -- something theorized by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

William's main goal, according to PEOPLE, is to prove that only an outside force could be capable of forming the cosmos.

"I want to prove to everybody that God does exist," he said.

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