Tinder promises more profile views with Tinder Boost

Remember when your mother used to tell you there are other fish in the sea after a bad break up? Well, thanks to dating apps, the number of fish in the sea is getting bigger and swiping is getting more time consuming.

That's why the social media giant Tinder is testing Tinder Boost -- a feature that allows a user to have their profiles first to show up for 30 minutes. Don't worry, the app has a built in timer so you know how much longer you're ahead of the game for.

The feature is currently being tested in Australia with a single Boost costing around $5 but like most bulk deals, a package of Boosts will come at a discount. For paying more Tinder promises 10 times more profile views during those 30 minutes.

Users with Tinder Plus, a feature that costs almost $20 if you're over 30, will get Boost as part of their plan.

Exact pricing for Tinder Boost is still being tested -- but really, how can you put a price on finding love.

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Tinder Fails
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Tinder Fails
this guy is my new hero
No seriously what's your address
No seriously what's your address
I wonder what the next text will be
Gavin is smooth as fuck
🎧 sounds like desperation, sam 🎧
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