LSD 'unifies' your brain, new study shows

New research reveals that the brain becomes more "integrated or unified" on LSD.

Maybe the hippies were onto something.

A study at Imperial College London shows what really happens to the brain during LSD-induced hallucinations.

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Scans of volunteers' brain activity show that separateness between different brain functions dissolves on LSD.

The brain in the LSD state resembles that when we are infants: free and unconstrained.

Even Silicon Valley types are known to microdose LSD to optimize their workday, according to Wired Magazine.

On LSD, volunteers were able to "see with their eyes shut." More areas of the brain, like those associated with hearing and movement, were contributing to visual processing -- even when volunteers had their eyes closed.

The result was complex, dreamlike visions.

The study also found that LSD combined with music stimulates more mental imagery and personal memory.

Click through the gallery below to see this formerly drug addicted pup get a new home:

Formerly drug addicted pup gets new home
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Formerly drug addicted pup gets new home
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Credit: KTLA 5
Credit: KTLA 5
Credit: KTLA 5
Credit: KTLA 5

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