Man spent 43 years in a wheelchair due to wrong diagnosis

When he was 13-years-old, Rufino Borrego of Portugal was diagnosed with incurable muscular dystrophy. Lisbon doctors told him that he would need to be confined to a wheelchair.

He then spent the next 43 years of his life in a wheelchair. Thankfully, in 2010 a neurologist discovered that Borrego did not have MD at all, but myasthenia. Myasthenia is a completely different condition that weakens the muscles, and can be treated by taking asthma medication.

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A year after the corrected diagnosis, Borrego began to walk again. Now, Borrego is 61-years-old and his legs function normally. He only needs to continue taking medication and attend two physiotherapy sessions a year.

Borrego does not hold resentment to the doctors who originally diagnosed him. He said,"I just want to make use of my life."

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