Video shows suspects robbing woman at her front door

Sacramento's Sheriff's Office and Police Department are both in agreement that assaults against the Asian community in the city have been on the rise the past few months.

The latest evidence of the crime, surveillance video released Thursday, shows an Asian woman being grabbed from behind at the front door of her home by two African American men. While the first assailant put his hand over the woman's mouth, the second one snatched her purse. Authorities hope the release of the video will help get the word out.

"As you watch the video, it just looks predatory," said Tony Turnbull, a Sergeant with the Sheriff's Department. "... The victim is obviously coming home, she's unsuspecting. Obviously it's a very traumatic experience for her."

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Video shows suspects robbing woman at her front door
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Video shows suspects robbing woman at her front door

The assault happened on August 28, but just last week, another home surveillance video was released by authorities that showed an Asian woman being robbed at gun point in the driveway of her home by an African American male.

There have also been many other crimes over the past few months against the Asian community.

"I've lived in Sacramento for more than 35 years," explains Tom Fong, a local grocery store owner. "I've never, ever seen it happen like it's happening this year. It's not safe."

Both agencies say the series of recent crimes in both the south and east ends of the city appear to be the work of more than one specific group. But they urge everyone of all races to be aware of their surroundings when coming home after dark.

"It's going to come down to the community—for somebody to call," said Turnbull. "I know some people are uncomfortable doing that, but they can call anonymously as well."

What authorities don't want, though, is for residents to take matters into their own hands by confronting the assailants. Instead, they say to keep the front of your home well-lit. Also, when you arrive home, call someone inside to let them know to expect you shortly, and if possible, have a working surveillance system in place.

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