Strange ways to die by the numbers

It might seem morbid; but with the way nature works, everyone thinks about their own demise every now and then.

We sometimes wonder what is the chance of dying from... Lightning. A car accident. Or disease.

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Well, here are the stats for the average American!

May the odds be forever in your favor...

Heart Disease and Cancer
1 in 7

Accidental Poisoning
1 in 103

Car accident
1 in 113

1 in 133

Assault by Firearm
1 in 358

Motorcycle Accident
1 in 948


1 in 1,183

1 in 1,454

Choking on food
1 in 3,408

Bicycle accident
1 in 4,337

Plane accident
1 in 9,737

Contact with Sharp Objects
1 in 30,860

Contact with Hornets, Wasps and Bees
1 in 64,706

Being attacked by a dog
1 in 114,622

Lightning Strike
1 in 174,426

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