Man crawls to highway for help after spending 3 days trapped in wrecked car

A man was recently taken to a hospital in Indiana with injuries sustained in a car wreck, reports WTAE.

It was later learned that he had spent three days trapped in the vehicle before fighting his way out and crawling to the highway's edge to find help.

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Kevin Bell's ordeal began on September 17 as he and his girlfriend, Nikki Reed, were traveling through southeast Indiana on their way to the town of Seymour.

Bell lost control of the SUV on Route 50, sending the car about 100 feet down an embankment and into a tree, notes The Washington Post.

Reed is believed to have died immediately after the crash and Bell's injuries prevented him from getting out of the car.

On Tuesday, he was finally able to free himself.

According to the man who pulled over and called emergency services, Bell had been waiting on the side of the road for two hours for someone to stop and help him.

Police say Bell will likely make a full recovery.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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