Jellyfish stops a boy's heart for 2 minutes

What started as a typical, relaxing vacation for a Russian family became a living nightmare when their 2-year-old son was stung by a box jellyfish.

The child's heart stopped, and rescuers had to act fast to keep him alive.

The boy, who was not named, was on the beach at Koh Sumui Island in southern Thailand with his mother, Yekaterina Ivanova.

He was swimming in shallow waters when he was stung, according to Central European News (CEN).

Beachgoers helped him out of the water when he lost consciousness, then administered CPR.

The boy regained consciousness and was taken to Bangkok-Samui hospital.

CNN reports Ivanova, 29, was also stung by the deadly jellyfish, but since she had a greater body mass, she was not as quickly affected by its venom.

The mother and son are in recovery at the hospital, and reportedly out of danger.

Since June 31, 11 tourists have been stung by box jellyfish, according to FOX News.

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