Bizarre bandit only takes a certain kind of item from homes

Thieves often hit homes in search of jewelry, art, or valuable electronics, but a number of people in Philadelphia are reporting thefts of a very different kind.

Many have had their house numbers taken, reports KYW.

Specifically, the 0's and 1's.

According to the New York Post, the person doing the stealing has not yet been apprehended, but they have been dubbed the 'Binary Bandit.'

On September 13, a surveillance camera did capture footage of a female suspect, but why she is targeting such specific numbers remains unknown.

Some propose that an art installation is somehow involved, while others feel there is perhaps a larger message being communicated.

Either way, victims are becoming increasingly frustrated, with one noting, "Could be worse, but it's definitely annoying."

Regardless of the intention, the person or persons involved could face charges of criminal trespassing and theft.

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