The CDC wants people to stop kissing their chickens

Some people kiss their dogs. Some people kiss their kids. And apparently, strangely enough, some people kiss their chickens.

But you really need to stop doing that last thing.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a rise in salmonella cases due to more people raising chickens.

The CDC is concerned about the number of people who have recently contracted salmonella by mouth-to-beak contact.

According to their research, 13 percent of the chicken-related salmonella cases they studied from 1990 to 2014 were due to chicken kissing.

"Most contact occurred at the patients' home, and high-risk behaviors included keeping poultry inside the house and having close contact, such as holding, snuggling or kissing poultry," the CDC said in a statement.

In case you are skeptical that people are willing to snuggle chickens, 49 percent of patients studied said they had cuddled with baby chicks, and 46 percent of the CDC's respondents kept chickens in the house.

If you keep your pet chicken in your bedroom, you're not alone -- 10 percent of respondents said they kept chickens in their bedroom.

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